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Fat, Food, Fat, Food

Oh my god!!! Have been eating lots of nice food since Friday. T_T I feel so guilty and sad for my tummy. *laughs* Gave school a miss on Friday as school's dismissal time clash with the ferry's departure timing. Upon reaching Batam, Dad came to fetch us [Me, Mum, Bro and Roy] and drove us to this so called restuarant for lunch. Simply love their Mee Goreng and their signature Fish soup. We would never fail to dine in there whenever we are at Batam. ^^ After our lunch, Dad drove us to Formosa Hotel to check in. Put down our bags before heading to Nagoya shopping mall ! I really love that mall. So many nice clothings. And the best thing is, their clothings are so much cheaper as compared to Singapore. Bought a total of 2 tops and 3 pants. The 3/4 pants which i had bought was size 27 when my size is 24-25 but because its really very nice, i cant resist myself from not buying it. *laughs*

Didn't manage to shop the whole mall as its getting late. After shopping, headed to a foodcourt for dinner. The curry fish head was awesome. Packed 3 boxes of Cheese pancake. Yummy Yummy. Now i'm having it for breakfast for everyday. ^^ After the sumptious meal, headed back to the hotel. Had stomachache and i shitted twice. LOL! Bathed, Tv-ed and slept. Woke up at around 8a.m plus due to stomachache again. =.= Quickly rushed to the washroom. *laughs* After preparing, headed downstairs for breakfast. The maneger really treated us like royalty as my dad knew the hotel's owner and she saw my dad and her boss sitting and chatting together. *laughs* After the breakfast, went to the mall beside to get my cupcorn before heading back to the hotel to pack up our stuffs. Rested for awhile before checking out. Awwww, i wanna go back to Batam for more shopping! Holiday please come soon.

Reached Singapore, headed to Pasir Ris mrt station to fetch my eldest bro who booked out on that day. Could'nt stop laughing upon seeing him as he was really very tanned and due to his small build, he looked like a school boy wearing his uniform, carrying that big bag. *laughs*

Sunday, Dad left for China for 1 week business trip. Went Jp with mum to walk around. Stomachache again. Diarrhoea for MANY MANY times. Each time i consumed something, after awhile i would have stomachache and would need the washroom. =.= Around 5p.m, headed to Grandma house to pray my grandad before heading to Dover for dinner with my relatives. Food wasn't nice at all. And total bill came up to $224. T_T Halfway through dinner, serious stomachache. T_T i almost died down there. After dinner, headed to Imm to walk around. Upon reaching home, immediately went to the toilet. Diarrhoea again. =.= i think i had Diarrhoea more than 5 times on that day. Ate medicine before sleeping.

Today, felt better, though my stomach still feels alittle discomfort. Let the diarrhoea continue please, so that i can lose weight. HAHAHA! Around 12p.m, headed to Jp's Ding Tai Feng for lunch with my Aunt and Uncle together with mum, eldest bro and Miao Miao. Their seseme Bun is super super delicious !` Now i'm craving for it. *laughs* After the bloated meal, walked around Jp, bought Famous Amos cookies and some snacks. I dont wanna grow Fat Fat Fat !

School tomorrow. Sucks `~ I have yet to complete all my homeworks. Exam's coming. Gonna be on Hiatus from tomorrow onwards. Let the study manic begin !`Zong Sheng's birthday celebration tomorrow. Having buffet at his house. omg, FOOD again ! He ordered all those fried foods because he wants me to be FAT! How evil that boy can be. Shall go on diet from Wednesday onwards. Pray hard i can resist all the foods, which i doubt so. hahaha !`
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A little update
 I just realized its been so last since i last updated my blog. And the sad thing is, i don't feel like blogging anymore.*laughs* Its actually a waste of my time to create this blog in the first place.

Skipped school on Monday as i didn't finish any of my homework. But then i got to know that many teachers were absent.  Stayed at home for the whole day to finish up my homeworks but i still left a tiny bit of it undone.  

Tuesday, only my Maths teacher was present whereas the rest of the teachers were absent. But we still had sort of a free period for Maths as my teacher had to teach another class a new chapter first so i spent my time talking with Jia Wei and Kah Shin. For that whole day in school, all i did was sleeping, reading and talking.

Wednesday, only had P.E lesson as all teachers for my other subjects were either absent or involved with some O/N level thing. How cool, not. Totally a waste of my time to attend school. I even had the chance to finish my story book within two days.

Today, had only Social Studies and Maths lessons. Both periods went by very quickly. So in conclusion, school for today felt short, which is a good thing.

Going Batam tomorrow. Its both a good and bad thing. Its good for i can do a little shopping. But bad because there will be many delicious food and i don't wanna gain weight even if its just 0.5 kg. *laughs* I wanna cut fats Just another 4-5 kg more

Exams' in around 2 weeks time. Time to study already. I dont want to retain. Monday's a holiday. Shall ask mummy to bring me to Orchard Ion to do a little major shopping.
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Finally, a break
School schedule was really hectic for the past few days therefore, didn't have the time to update. Projects, Assignments, Tests, Prelims, etc etc . . . But I'm glad everything's over/completed already. Though except for my English homework, which requires alot of time too.  Anyway, had my Mother Tongue prelim today and all I can say is, i screwed up for both papers. How pathetic of me to not have sufficent time to complete for both paper 1 and 2. And the worst part was, I didn have the chance to check my work. 4 marks' already gone for my last question as i didn have the time to finish.  Nevermind, just treat it as a revision/experience to prepare for my upcoming O level.

After the papers, headed back to class and had my Chemistry test. I really did study for it, putting in lots of effort but all of this wasn't enough. The paper's really tough. I can already expected what kind of results i will be receiving for my CA2. Sigh. . . There goes my A1 which i have been getting it consecutively for Term 1 & 2. Shall work really hard for my End of year. Hopefully, my Bio's able to pull up my overall marks for CA2. Even though i missed so many lessons, hopefully i'll do well for the test which was taken on Wednesday. Hope Im able to top the class again just like my previous test.

There's seriously so many movies I would like to catch this Month. More and more nice and interesting movies are about to release. I'm so gonna spent 1/2 of my allowance on movies. 

15 days more before my 2nd Brother will be back Really anticipate to his return. But after he's back, in another 1 week time, my eldest brother will be enlisted to Ns.

P.S: Ali, love my emoticons? Create for you soon okay. haha! &lets take photos tomorrow!
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A tiring but fun day
Had only appoximately 3 hours of sleep before waking up for school. Was feeling really lethergic but no choice, its been 2 weeks since i last went for my cca due to 1 week being sick whereas the other week was because my grandpa passed away. Had a heritage tour. Took the bus and toured around Singapore River. Quite interesting though. Got to gain more knowledge regarding Sir Stanford Raffles and Singapore River. Everything then ended at around 12p.m. During our break, headed to the ladies to snap some photos with Lee Ling.

Headed to Gek Poh with a few of them to celebrate Ying Hui's birthday . While they were eating at Kfc , Lee Ling, Sian Qin, Celespine and I sneaked out to buy her a cake . Initially, we bought this really small tart with a candle on it lying to her that that was her birthday cake & she actually believed us! While she was eating her tart, Lee Ling, Celespine & I appeared behind her, surprising her with the cake She was so touched that she actually teared!  Plan succeed   

Lee Ling & I with birthday girl.

Lee Qi, Lee Ling, Jolynn

We've got similar hairstyle.

After the mini celebration, all of us then headed to a blk downstar to have a small chat and took plenty of photos. 

Group photo. ^^


Jolynn & Sian Qin

We were just bored. [laughs]

That's what greeted me when i reached home.

That's all for the photos. Am lazy to upload all of them. Can head to my Facebook account to view them if you'r interested. ^^ 

Its time to turn in.
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In memories of my Beloved, Cute Grandpa

To my beloved Grandpa,
hope you're doing fine in the other world.
Really glad that you did return home on the
7th day to visit us for the last time.
Though i dont really remember having much
memories with you, but i will definitely miss your
thumb-up sign.
My only regret is not visiting you often in the hospital
and communicate with you more.
May you Rest In Peace.
I Love You.

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